Standard Reports

Rega commonly connects with most accounting applications which are being used by most of the companies now. As a common cross industry/domain report, the following reports are readily available along with Rega.

  • Sales by Ledger/Account
  • Purchase by Leger/Account
  • Bills Receivable
  • Bills Payables
  • Account Leger Report
  • Profit & Loss

Apart from these, the below report templates are available after a low effort customization particularly for the customer business and its need.

Business at a glance

  • A quick financial snapshot
  • A quick snapshot of your business

Profitability Analysis

  • Analyze your profits at a product level.
  • Closely monitor your spending’s against budgets.
  • Analyze your profits at a customer level.
  • Know the profits you make in every invoice.
  • Know the profit at an item level.
  • Monitor the monthly trend of profits at a branch or unit level.
  • Monitor the actual profitability against budgeted norms.
  • Monitor the profitability contributed by your salesmen.

Sales Analysis

  • Analyze cash sales product type-wise.
  • Get alerted on loss making sales.
  • Analyze branch wise sales.
  • Analyze Executive Performance.
  • Compare Executive Performance.
  • Analyze Sales Actuals Vs Targets.
  • Analyze sales of product across customers.
  • Track your sales returns.
  • Analyze monthly sales according to type of sales.
  • Analyze Executive Invoices.
  • Monitor Sales Pipeline.
  • Track your orders.
  • Analyze target achievements brandwise.

Cost Analysis

  • Monitor component costing.
  • Analyze your costs based on activities.
  • Analyze the costing of job orders.

Stock Analysis & Planning

  • Monitor Stock Movements.
  • Monitor dispatches effectively.
  • Track your procurement.

Accounts & Finance based analysis

  • Interest Statements.
  • Analyze your cash flow.
  • Cheque deposit statements.
  • Analyze your profit at profit center level.