About eyeTprofit

Business organizations track their business events in various applications including accounting applications, sales applications, inventory applications, spreadsheets etc. Over a period of time, the information having been isolated, does not provide a single version of truth as regards the health of the business.

eyeTprofit enables aggregating information on a single focal point. For example, for a single customer, information from various applications related to sales, sales return, quality issues, cost of sale, etc can be aggregated for quick reference. This helps in getting to know the health of the relationship with the customer.

  • Existing system undisturbed
  • Compatible with almost all applications
  • Domain independent
  • Saving of senior management executive’s time

Right Information

Designed to adopt any kind of assessment criteria given and capable of configuring it within minutes.

Right Time

Structured observation to avert the rush to judgment on assessment and provide analyzed reports.

Right Form

Intuitive to any device, it may be a desktop browser, a tablet with any screen size – answer questions comfortably.

Non Invasive

It does not invade into your existing applications.


It does not disrupt your existing applications.


It coexists with your existing applications.


We have live demo to explain you

Drop us your email to know more about eyeTprofit, we shall explain you with live demo.