Health Care

Cindrel implemented collective applications across healthcare sector which varies from clinics to laboratory management and currently working on analytics from past records.


Skill Development

Assessing the skills to trained candidates through a digitized method was a big challenge in the industry, Cindrel is currently a proud contributor in digitized assessments.


Financial Accounting

Large entities find their own way of handling their critical financial data, but for Small & Mid-Sized companies it was a non-reachable one, Cindrel created a solution in that space.



Managing the day to day production data along with the employees data was a lengthy process in this industry, Cindrel approached this with a cross platform solution.


Security Surveillance

The most challenging part in security surveillance is to transport the live surveillance video to a remote administrator, the challenge is now possible with mobility solutions.



Combining the retail needs with mobility solutions gave Cindrel an excellent end-user product in Retail Industry with live reporting on sales, stock, location and status.