Flexible Assessment Model

Every assessment is a kind of tailor made technology based assessment to fit any industry for evaluating skill competencies.

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Smart Proctor

Considering the bandwidth to transmit the live video of an assessment, RADA plays a vital role as a smart proctor.

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Smart Reporter

Using the live analysis, RTRA identifies the skill performance between a theory based and practical based test of a candidate.

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Why Choose Us?

Designed to adopt any kind of assessment criteria given and capable of configuring it within minutes. Question types of multiple choices, images, and paragraph based answers are configurable content wise with any type of passing criteria. Even after the evaluation, the passing criteria can be changed and the results can be populated based on it.
Practical observations are not at all constant evidence for an evaluator, to eradicate the marks centric outcomes, Cindrel Practical Assessments are based on structured observations to avert the rush to judgement on assessment and provide analyzed reports. Every practical assessment criteria is configurable on the rubrics platform with any number of evaluation criteria’s that is needed for the assessment.
Touch based display devices are the biggest challenge in latest applications, to make it intuitive and pleasant across the entire assessment, our technological approach are completely based on responsive user interface to make the test attendant more comfortable and complete the assessment hassle free. Our assessment tools can be used from mobiles to large displays without any loss of content or feature across all devices.
Any assessment assignment, be it an urban or rural area, our focus is on continuous and seamless assessment without compromising in the technologies being used for assessment. Each and every hardware device being used for assessments are completely independent on electricity power sources and are based on battery operated ones. Even if there is power outage at assessment center, our hardware’s are capable of conducting assessments for a minimum of 6 hours of duration.







Extra Features

Every experience counts to the contribution of enhancements and further developments to be a topper in the vertical. We gathered our experiences to have more
features in our assessment model.

Real time Answering Duration Analysis (RADA)

Considering the bandwidth required to transmit the live video of a candidate who is answering a theory test and even if it is live transmitted, monitoring large number of candidates lively is a big challenge. These kind of big challenges are sometimes resolved in a simpler way. CAP has a unique way to identify the answering candidate is the real candidate or not. Through the inbuilt live analysis engine, CAP compares with the similar answering pattern from its history and analyses the answering duration of each candidate and pops out the odd ones’.


Real Time Result Analysis (RTRA)

A candidate evaluated on various aspects may vary on the outcomes of evaluation, for example, a candidate being evaluated on Theory & Practical Tests, may vary on the result percentages, but cannot be of more than 50% between Theory & Practical. CAP analyses the results of both Theory & Practical and pops out the odd ones’.

Video Recording

Beyond technology, some happenings can be only overlooked through an eye point of view. Cindrel addresses these gaps through video recording of all assessments conducted. Every assessment is video recorded through a High Definition web cam and the same is stored on a DVD and preserved for future. This video recording process are capable of recording even when there is an electricity power outage at exam center.


Cloud based Architecture

Every assessment is configured, conducted and results stored on cloud data storage instantly. This enables the live analysis and also comparing with past assessment records easily without any delay in reporting system. We enable our clients to have live analysis on the assessment through our cloud based architechture.

We have lot more to explain you

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