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eyeTprofit enables businesses to easily analyze profitability, budget versus actual, revenue, inventory, cash requirements etc instantaneously especially when the information is spread across multiple applications. eyeTprofit is a non-invasive reporting system that facilitates information from multiple functions to be culled out and presented in an appropriate form to enable informed decisions. eyeTprofit has the unique capability of providing instant reports and analysis across your numerous departmental systems that do not communicate with each other.

A quick Financial Snapshot!

Want to have a quick glance of your financial position? eyeTprofit can help you do that easily. You can also get these in your inbox everyday!

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A quick Snapshot of your business!

Take a quick snapshot of your business as it stands now with a single report depciting the various concerns and highlighting necessary information. This is a must have for every CEO or MD.

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Analyze your profits at a product level!

You could start analyzing your profits and profitability at different dimensions like product level, product line level, month-on-month or year till date etc after taking into account direct and apportioned indirect costs into account.

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Closely monitor your spendings against budgets!

You could actively monitor the actual spendings against budgets instead of post-mortem analysis after budget is exceeded. You could receive alerts (with exception report) when 90% of the budgeted amount is reached!

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Analyze your profits at a customer level!

Which customer gives you more profit and profitability? Who are your customers that could potentially bring you more business and money? Whom should you focus and whom should you de-focus? Analyze all these easily with customerwise profit reports

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